How to Make LinkedIn Work for your Business

LinkedIn announced a new profile design and now is an excellent time to get the maximum results for business marketing from this network. The new and current LinkedIn features can help you to get more results. It is a great idea to get prepared for the new profile design, and we will literally have to go back to basics.Below are ways on how to make LinkedIn Work for your business


  • Keywords: Main keywords (business marketing) should be included in your headline in order to make your profile appear in search results.


  • Review: Be clear of whom you are as a professional and include your achievements and experience in this field.


  • Your contact details should include your website links, e-mail address, Skype and Twitter.


  • It is important that your profile is updated with your past and current business experiences.


  • Business marketing – the Groups that you follow or belong to should emphasize your professional interests.


  • Follow topics in the News Settings.


  • The companies you follow will reflect on the new LinkedIn design. This is a great opportunity to create “follow companies” you own or companies you may potentially work with in the future.


  • Make sure to update your skills and expertise and that your followers support you for the right skills.


  • Visit the “Add new section” and add more options to your profile, such as links to your website. These sections can include courses you have successfully completed and highlight your goals, different languages you have mastered to attract a wider audience, ebooks you have published, certifications can impress customers and community voluntary causes you are involved with.


A page that is often neglected is the “Products and Services” page, which allows you to create an overview page for your products and services. This is a wonderful page where you can include a video that informs customers about your products. You can use up to three banner images that advertise your top products and add a list of your products.


What is so great about LinkedIn, it allows you to create pages for products as well as services. You can create your product page in the default page, and you can add a new variation, by clicking on the Create New Audience button.


Create variations by defining your target audience, such as using targeted keywords to describe your company size (for example: small business). Do the same with job function (keywords towards people working in specific positions), industry (keywords toward specific industries) and geography (targeted keywords towards international locations).


You can change your banners, videos and words. Your product and service’s pages play a major part in your real estate marketing strategy, and you can achieve great results from the effort you made. The new and current LinkedIn features can help you to get more results for your business.


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